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We have liftoff! June 24, 2009

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Hello all! This is my first, albeit super-informal, post. I’m Lizz, the writer of this blog. I’m here for both personal and professional reasons. I definitely wanted to get some more practice with blogging for work reasons, but I also decided that I had something to share.

I’m constantly getting fun/valuable/unique info about all sorts of organizations, events and people. And while I love soaking this up, I sometimes wish I could share it with the world. So, here’s my chance 🙂

Fun stuff to come soon…


One Response to “We have liftoff!”

  1. Naz Says:

    Hey Girl,

    thank you for sharing all of your knowledge, love, and what nots with all of me.
    I look forward to keeping up with all of your inspirational messages that are to come.

    My blog will go up in two days, so i hope you can take a peak 🙂


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