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LizzLoves…Women’s World of Boxing June 27, 2009

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T of Women's World of Boxing, Inc. kickin' some butt!

T (left) of Women's World of Boxing, Inc. kickin' some butt!

A little over 2 years ago, I started working out. I had been avoiding mirrors and my reflection in windows, so I decided enough was enough. Since then, I’ve worked out on a regular basis, and never felt better.

WWB is a TKO!

WWB is a TKO!

Around the same time, my friend T was going through the same thing. But when T attacks something wholeheartedly, she’s no joke. She started working out religiously, and, while she was dropping the pounds, she wasn’t feeling fulfilled by her workouts. So after trying a boot camp and even some Israeli martial arts, T decided to check out a local boxing gym. She instantly fell in love!

T threw her heart into the ring and got into INCREDIBLE shape. She glowed from the strength she gained and the empowerment she felt. So, instead of leaving that feeling in the gym, she decided to make it her life.

T launched Women’s World of Boxing, Inc., a company that uses boxing workouts to empower women through fitness and sisterhood. While starting your own business isn’t easy, T takes it all in stride and watches with pride as her biz grows a little more each day. She has a group of loyal clientele now and looks forward to taking on more.

Props, T!

Hot new website to come soon, but in the meantime get more details by checking out Women’s World of Boxing, Inc @:


One Response to “LizzLoves…Women’s World of Boxing”

  1. scott Says:

    the biggest women’s MMA fight in history is coming up aug. 15th – strikeforce: carano vs. cyborg. you should check it out! its gonna be on showtime.

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