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LizzLoves…Sonia Sotomayor! July 15, 2009

Filed under: badass women,inspirational — lizzloves @ 3:20 pm

soniaWhile I’ve only caught snippets of the Sonia Sotomayor hearings online and in the news over the past few days, I am filled with pride and excitement.  Each moment I see this amazing Latina sit tall and face all the questioning with poise and confidence,  I can’t help but smile.  I feel that she is truly the wise woman she claims to be, and not just because she’s an Ivy Leaguer or a seasoned litigator. I see something in her eyes that reveals a sage outlook and sharp wit.

I also loved that she thanked her mother for helping her to get where she is today. Such a beautiful display of pride that reminds me I how much I love mi gente.

Oh and speaking of mi gente, did you see the protesters and supporters demonstrating? I will ignore the protesters (although they have their right to voice opinion), but the supporters made my heart leap. I saw all sorts of people, young and old, but the viejos touched me the most.  There were a few men in straw fedoras (Panama hats?) with “VIVA SOTOMAYOR” signs. What a sight…que lindo, no?

Thanks for representing, Sonia…keep up the good fight! 🙂


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