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LizzLoves…Whitney Houston October 24, 2009

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Stills from the video, a sparkle in her eye

Stills from the video, a sparkle in her eye

“If ya feel good, if ya feel good, put one hand in tha’ air….oh oh ohhhhh”

Yup, that’s right, I said it. I still love Whitney. Pobrecita went through some rough times, but I think she is finally going to make her comeback. She had tried a few times, but faltered. I guess she just wasn’t strong enough. I think this time she’s really gotten her life back on track, though.

Her newest single off the new album, “Million Dollars”  has got me dancin’ with one hand in the air. I got it playing on repeat as I write this. Go ‘head Whitney! I was a little worried when her first single, “I Turn to You” came out. It had great lyrics, but her voice wasn’t quite there. I’m sure it was hard for her, knowing that everyone would dissect her first one out the box, so you gotta give it to her for her courage. But this new single makes me smile and think of Whitney in the ’90s. Oh and props to Alicia Keys who produced this new hot song. (go youtube it, sorry embedding the video was a no-no in this case)

Congrats on your lovely re-entry into the spotlight, mama. Jersey girls never give up…we got fight in us 🙂



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