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LizzLoves…Erykah Badu April 9, 2010

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Inspirational or shameful?

There’s no one out there like Ms. Badu. Many have tried to capture her spirit, her funk, her grace and even her ‘tude…but she is not easily imitated. Her music, style and expression is not a persona, it comes from within. She likes to push the envelope with her lyrics and with her fashion sense (remember that knit crochet dress during her Common days?).

But some people think she finally went to far when she filmed her most recent video “Window Seat.” If you haven’t seen the clip, Erykah is walking through the streets of Dallas as she slowly removes each piece of her clothing until she is walking naked. It seems to have been shot live, judging by the looks of shock on people’s faces and she strolls by. The video ends with her being “shot” in the back in a location not very far from where JFK was assassinated.

Folks are upset about the alleged JFK connection and they don’t like that children were present while she disrobed. Apparently, Ms. Badu has been served a fine by the Dallas police as well.

Have you seen her new video (no longer available on YouTube for copyright reasons)?

What do you think: inspirational or shameful?


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