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LizzLoves Kathy Callender October 14, 2010

Photo courtesy of Inc./Jamie Kripke

Yesterday, I was reading my new favorite magazine, Inc., and discovered the inspiring story of Kathy Callender and PharmaJet (full story here).


Through the passion and drive of Kathy Callender (pictured right) and her family, a needle-free injector, produced by PharmaJet, is slowly becoming a reality.


The device delivers medicine (e.g. vaccinations) by expelling liquid “out of a narrow passage with enough force to turn the medicine itself into a needle-like stream that penetrates the skin to the desired depth.” The cartridge used for each patient is then disposed, never to be used again.


This innovation, which many have attempted, could prevent the spread of many diseases that result from reusing needles and from accidental needle sticks by medical professionals.


Some may say, wow, that could make a ton of cash in the pharmaceutical industry. But Kathy Callender, entrepreneur and founder of PharmaJet,  isn’t focused on the money-making possibilities. What she really wants is to take the device to developing countries where they can really make a dent in healthcare and help quell the spread of deadly diseases that continue to run rampant.


Through her upbringing and service abroad, Kathy knows, first-hand, how badly some countries need this medical breakthrough. Now, PharmaJet’s biggest challenge is to reduce the cost of production so it can easily be used anywhere. Competing with the cheap cost of traditional needles is quite an obstacle.


Much respect to Kathy and her team for ignoring the nay-sayers and continuing to find a way to make PharmaJet a success.

Photo courtesy of Inc./Nigel Cox


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