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LizzLoves Laila Ali October 26, 2010

"She Bee Stingin'"

I’m trying to get back in to fighting shape…well, not literally. I would, however, like to return to my kick-butt physique, so I’ve been looking to friends and celebrities for inspiration.

The first woman that came to mind was Laila Ali. If I were to look like any athlete, I think I would choose her. She’s healthy, strong and beautiful. Although she is now retired, she dominated in women’s boxing. While genetics certainly played a role (her daddy is legendary boxing champ Muhammad Ali), Laila knows what kind of discipline and dedication it takes to push your body and mind to greatness.

I particularly admire her fitness message to young girls and women through her involvement with the Women’s Sports Foundation, an advocacy group that supports, promotes and highlights the accomplishments of women in sports.

Laila is also lending her one-two punch to other endeavors as well, including a new hair/beauty product line and a music career! Just like her dad, she has the poise to float like a butterfly, but the drive to sting like a bee!

Laila and her dad put up their dukes!

Stay tuned for more posts on female athletes! Do you have a favorite female sports role model? Hit me up and tell me more! Now it’s off to the park for a jog for me 🙂


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