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LizzLoves Birchbox July 18, 2011

Among some of the many simple pleasures that make me smile are these two: 1) fun mail that isn’t a bill and 2) trying new beauty products for my face, hair and body. While the first one isn’t too hard to come by, the second one can become a little expensive. For example, I have long, curly hair and I’m always looking for the best treatments for my tresses, but “trying” a $15, 8 oz. bottle of a new mysterious product can get costly…especially when it doesn’t work!


So, when I read that two super savvy business women, Haley Barna and Katia Beaucham came up with an idea to solve my dilemma, needless to say, I was ecstatic. Last year, these twenty-something Harvard Business School grads launched Birchbox, an innovative mail-order service that sends customers samples of  various beauty products, from makeup to hand lotion. Through a monthly $10 subscription, customers get 4-5 samples from companies like Kiehl’s, Oribe, benefit and NARS, just to name a few. And when you discover a product you love, you can purchase it through Birchbox while also earning points toward future buys.


Congrats to Hayley and Katia, who were recently honored in Inc. Magazine’s “30 Under 30,” as a company to watch. Read their profile here.


I’m looking forward to trying out this service ASAP! My curly hair and eye-shadow-loving lids will thank me…and so will my wallet! 🙂


Which products are you dying to try that you wish came in samples? Tell me more in the comments section below! 


One Response to “LizzLoves Birchbox”

  1. Abby Says:

    this is so great! you can get samples at Kiehl’s for free, tho…still, a great way to find new products and have them mailed directly to you. let me know what you try for curly hair, please 🙂

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