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LizzLoves Saudi Women to Compete in 2012 Olympics July 13, 2012

Saudi Women in Olympics

Photo courtesy of CSM

Today history was made: for the first time ever, Saudi Arabia will be sending female athletes to the Olympics. Hooray!


I can’t imagine how excited the two women must be! Judo competitor Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani and runner Sarah Attar will not only be representing their homeland, but they will be breaking ground for all of their Saudi sisters who have Olympic dreams.


If that weren’t enough, Qatar and Brunei will also be sending women to the Olympics for the first time as well!


Read the details in this Christian Science Monitor article.


Now that’s what I call a way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX! 🙂


LizzLoves Esperanza Spalding February 15, 2011

Just a quickie post…


I’m sure by now you’ve heard the buzz about jazz singer Esperanza Spalding winning the Grammy for Best New Artist. Now, I can’t claim to have been up on her before that night, but, on a personal note, it always gives me a charge to see an underdog come out on top…especially when she’s a young, talented woman of color.


Reading up on her, Esperanza, 26, is no joke. Not only does she give respectful and artful nods to her predecessors in her genre, but she has made a modernized name for herself across the globe. According to NPR, she has sold out shows in the US and abroad, opened for Prince and even performed for Barack Obama.


I’ve listened to some of her tracks—she rolls with deft licks on her bass, smooth vocals and old-school scatting. Her music is sexy, sultry and inspires a chill-out session at home or at your favorite lounge. I might have to shamelessly jump on the bandwagon and get her album…:)


Congratulations, Esperanza!


P.S.- Sorry Justin Beiber, better luck next time…you’ve got plenty of time!





LizzLoves Black Girls Rock November 8, 2010

I almost forgot to tune into VH1 last night to see Black Girls Rock! Did you see it? If you didn’t, you missed out on a great show where black women and girls from all industries, backgrounds and walks of life were honored for their achievements and the message they pass on to their sisters everywhere.

(*Don’t worry: You can catch the encore broadcast tomorrow (Tuesday) night, on VH1 @ 8 PM, check your local listings)

The honorees included young women who have only just begun to shine but show promise for making indeliable marks on the future of women of color across the globe: One 17-year-old girl from Detroit runs a mobile dance company that encourages young women to stay active and healthy, while another college student has made environmental awareness her mission and even launched a conference that focuses on green initiatives.

Other honorees that you might recognize more easily are:

  • Actress/entrepreneur Raven Symone
  • Legendary actress/activist Ruby Dee
  • Motivational speaker Iyanla Vanzant
  • Producer/musician Missy Elliott



Photo courtesy of

Another woman who deserves serious props is Beverly Bond, renowned DJ and founder of the original nonprofit organization, Black Girls Rock. Read more about her career and the birth of the organization in this Black Enterprise article.

So, tell me: who are the black women in YOUR life that rock? Share that love with your sistas and let me know! You may see them in a future LizzLoves post!




LizzLoves Dilma Rousseff November 3, 2010

Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's first female president

Brazil made history this past Sunday when they elected Dilma Rousseff as their new president. She is the first woman to hold this office in that nation. Time will only tell how she will use her leadership to better the country, but we can hope that little girls and young women in Brazil are inspired by her achievement. According to an article in k!dult, the prospect of empowering women and improving gender equality is rewarding to Rousseff, who said, “I hope the fathers and mothers of little girls will look at them and say yes, women can.”

Obrigada, Dilma!

A few quick facts on Dilma:

  • She was a former energy minister for Brazil
  • According to CNN, “Rousseff is credited with the democratization of Brazil’s energy through a program called Luz Para Todos, “Light for All,” bringing electricity to poor farmers.”
  • Among her goals as president, she wants to focus on ending poverty and improving human rights
  • She is a member of Brazil’s Workers Party
  • In the 1960’s, Dilma was a left-wing guerilla fighter




LizzLoves Kathy Callender October 14, 2010

Photo courtesy of Inc./Jamie Kripke

Yesterday, I was reading my new favorite magazine, Inc., and discovered the inspiring story of Kathy Callender and PharmaJet (full story here).


Through the passion and drive of Kathy Callender (pictured right) and her family, a needle-free injector, produced by PharmaJet, is slowly becoming a reality.


The device delivers medicine (e.g. vaccinations) by expelling liquid “out of a narrow passage with enough force to turn the medicine itself into a needle-like stream that penetrates the skin to the desired depth.” The cartridge used for each patient is then disposed, never to be used again.


This innovation, which many have attempted, could prevent the spread of many diseases that result from reusing needles and from accidental needle sticks by medical professionals.


Some may say, wow, that could make a ton of cash in the pharmaceutical industry. But Kathy Callender, entrepreneur and founder of PharmaJet,  isn’t focused on the money-making possibilities. What she really wants is to take the device to developing countries where they can really make a dent in healthcare and help quell the spread of deadly diseases that continue to run rampant.


Through her upbringing and service abroad, Kathy knows, first-hand, how badly some countries need this medical breakthrough. Now, PharmaJet’s biggest challenge is to reduce the cost of production so it can easily be used anywhere. Competing with the cheap cost of traditional needles is quite an obstacle.


Much respect to Kathy and her team for ignoring the nay-sayers and continuing to find a way to make PharmaJet a success.

Photo courtesy of Inc./Nigel Cox


LizzLoves…A Lauryn Hill Comeback July 28, 2010

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Wow…I’m digging this new L-Boogie track. I really hope this is a good omen for whatever’s next for the raspy-voiced, souful songstress. She’s due for some good fortune. Her transformations have really been in the spotlight in the past and it hasn’t always been pretty. But we’ve all been there, right? It’s one thing to ride the rollercoaster of finding yourself, but a whole different thing to do it while millions of people are watching and judging.

Hope Ms. Hill has found herself, some peace and, if we’re lucky…her beautiful voice again…


LizzLoves…Plus-Sized Confidence April 23, 2010

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Today when I was watching TV on the treadmill, I heard about the controversy over this new Lane Bryant lingerie/bra commercial. Apparently, a network rejected the women’s plus-size clothing company’s latest advertisement which features a sexy, full-figured woman in a bra and undies.  I think something was mentioned about her cleavage being too racy.

Hmm…or should I say…HMPH!

Not sure how I feel about all this hoopla being as no one saw anything wrong with Victoria’s Secret‘s waifs traipsing around half-naked. What’s the difference?

I think the girl in the commercial is beautiful…and a lot hotter than most of the other ladies who flaunt their bodies on national television in their skivvies. What do you think?


LizzLoves…Erykah Badu April 9, 2010

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Inspirational or shameful?

There’s no one out there like Ms. Badu. Many have tried to capture her spirit, her funk, her grace and even her ‘tude…but she is not easily imitated. Her music, style and expression is not a persona, it comes from within. She likes to push the envelope with her lyrics and with her fashion sense (remember that knit crochet dress during her Common days?).

But some people think she finally went to far when she filmed her most recent video “Window Seat.” If you haven’t seen the clip, Erykah is walking through the streets of Dallas as she slowly removes each piece of her clothing until she is walking naked. It seems to have been shot live, judging by the looks of shock on people’s faces and she strolls by. The video ends with her being “shot” in the back in a location not very far from where JFK was assassinated.

Folks are upset about the alleged JFK connection and they don’t like that children were present while she disrobed. Apparently, Ms. Badu has been served a fine by the Dallas police as well.

Have you seen her new video (no longer available on YouTube for copyright reasons)?

What do you think: inspirational or shameful?


LizzLoves…Diane Savino December 14, 2009

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It’s a week old, but still worth a viewing. Very heartfelt, honest and brave. NYS Senator Diane Savino speaks up about the marriage equality vote in NY State:


LizzLoves…Hilary speaking up August 12, 2009

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Have y’all seen the video of Hilary Clinton putting a young man in his place when asked what her husband Bill thought of the World Bank? My jaw dropped. I appreciated it..but, what do you think…did she go too far? Watch the video below and weigh in.