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LizzLoves Tiny B-Girl Win March 5, 2013

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Just a quick post because I couldn’t resist. This spunky little girl dances her way to victory at this breakdancing competition in Europe. We should all take a page from her book…what confidence, passion, and joy! Go ahead lil’ mama! 🙂


LizzLoves REVEAL May 7, 2011

I have friends of many faiths and I believe in being open to others’ ways of worship, devotion and celebration. While I consider myself very inter-faith, I was raised Catholic and will always see that foundation as a gift and inspiration. So I see it as even more of a gift when my sister friends can find love, community and spirituality in their lives as well.

Today, women from all over New York City will come together for the annual REVEAL Conference, a inter-faith gathering to learn and share among a nurturing community of sisters. Cool things to expect:

  • enlightening speakers (including an amazing life coach Joanna Lindenbaum),
  • open dialogues about faith and feminism
  • motivational talks about financial freedom
  • living a healthy life
  • spiritual activism

So whether you are connected to Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Ganesha, Yemaya or Buddha, you will find a open-minded spiritual sista’ to share your experience with at REVEAL. Enjoy!

How has your spirituality shaped the person you are? Tell me more in the comments section!


LizzLoves Holiday Giving December 23, 2010

One of my favorite things in the world is giving gifts. So, the holiday season is definitely my most favorite time of year. There’s something really beautiful about recognizing or honoring a special part of someone else and celebrating it through a gift. Some of the best gifts, I feel, are ones that nurture growth in someone.

In light of that, I’d like to take this post and dedicate it to several noteworthy organizations that encourage and inspire women and girls. You might want to consider them in your gift-giving this year—whether you decide to donate a few dollars, some of your time or just spread the word to your friends about the great work they do.

  • MADRE is a human rights organization that focuses on providing resources for women worldwide, including Afghanistan, Colombia and Palestine.
  • Girls Write Now pairs young women who are aspiring writers with seasoned novelists, journalists and songwriters for mentoring and workshops to help develop their writing skills.
  • FINCA uses microfinance to help women in developing countries fund their business ventures that will, in turn, improve their standard of living.

*As your gift to me, please send me other powerful organizations that you care about. Happy Holidays and thank you for reading!*


LizzLoves AskPatty November 19, 2010

It really is a shame that we women still dread a visit to the mechanic or a shopping trip to a dealer…just because we’re women!

I have tons of smart, independent women in my life, but I know that most of them would admit that they get better results when they’re accompanied by a man. Shoot, I don’t head to the family mechanic without my dad in tow! (*blush*)

So when one of my best friends told me about a recent car dealership experience that made her blood boil, I knew it was time to throw my girls a line with helpful online resource. is a website for automative advice and resources–made just for women. From a questions about insurance to what the heck that clanging noise is, users can write in and ask experts to address their specific car troubles and needs. The blog feature on the site covers everything from notable auto shops to reviews about a new car on the market.

But my absolute favorite part is AskPatty’s Certified Female Friendly® search tool. On the left-hand side of the site, there is a box that helps you find local auto repair/services that get the site’s stamp of approval. Or, as the site describes it: “…Certified Female Friendly® program, designed from the ground up, trains and certifies automotive retail and service centers on how to attract, sell, retain and increase loyalty with women customers.”

Next time I need to find a new spot to get my tires rotated or my shocks replaced, I’ll definitely be hitting up It’s a comfort to know there’s a way to avoid some drama!


LizzLoves…Natural Hair March 24, 2010

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I will totally be revisiting this subject because there is so much to say. But I wanted to share this great article/blog entry by Michel Martin on  She breaks down why touching a woman’s hair–especially a woman of color–is a big no-no.

I feel her. There have been many a time when random women (coworkers or even strangers on the street) have reached out to touch my hair without asking (“Oh it’s so pretty…” *reaching for my curls*). There are some days I have patience for it and other days that I want to bend back like Neo from the Matrix to avoid it.

Have you been through this?

See what Michel had to say here.


LizzLoves…Bargains! August 24, 2009

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vasquez I was recently perusing some Glamour magazines that had started to pile up in my living room and came across a quote from Lilliana Vasquez of the style website, I hadn’t heard of the site, so I immediately jumped online to check it out. Cheapchicas is fun, accessible, and full of my favorite kind of style info: BARGAINS! I love that she gives tips by store,  by category of item (accessory, jewelry, clothing, etc.), and even shares info about how to find coupons.  It’s also supercool that she spreads the love by featuring links to other noteworthy style websites!

I’m just not that girl that will blow a paycheck on a bag or pair of shoes, so I love that I can see eye-to-eye with this chica fabulosa, Lilliana. Thanks, girl, I’m a new fan! 🙂


We have liftoff! June 24, 2009

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Hello all! This is my first, albeit super-informal, post. I’m Lizz, the writer of this blog. I’m here for both personal and professional reasons. I definitely wanted to get some more practice with blogging for work reasons, but I also decided that I had something to share.

I’m constantly getting fun/valuable/unique info about all sorts of organizations, events and people. And while I love soaking this up, I sometimes wish I could share it with the world. So, here’s my chance 🙂

Fun stuff to come soon…