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LizzLoves MineforNine August 21, 2013

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Right now, I have at least FIVE friends who are pregnant or who have very recently given birth. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot to me! But what’s even more shocking for me is that all of them manage to stay looking cute and stylish. I can imagine that it’s a huge challenge for an expectant mother to dress her newly unpredictable and ever-changing body…not to mention the cost! ($$)

Some of my friends only grew in the tummy area, so they could keep using a lot of their old clothes for a while. Experienced mamas knew what to expect because it wasn’t their first baby and they had clothes set aside. Other lucky ladies were able to borrow key clothing items—like belly bands, stretchy pants, and tunics—from their sisters or girlfriends.

But what happens to those women who don’t have those resources or have a tight budget? Well, one solution is a cool shopping site I found called Mine for Nine, which allows pregnant women to borrow clothing for the duration of their pregnancy, and return it when they’re done. So, for example, if you can no longer button your winter coat over your immense circumference, then you can borrow winter coat that fits you better! Borrowing clothing from Mine for Nine only costs a portion of buying it outright, but there is also an option to buy if you fall in love with something, or feel like you would like to use it for future pregnancies. There is a wide range of brands, styles and prices.

Mine for Nine was conceived (pun intended) by Marisa B. Moss and her two friends in 2008. The three of them, one expecting at the time and the other a brand new mom, were discussing the limited selection and high cost of maternity clothes. So they put together their years of marketing, business and technology experience to launch a online business that would help women find the right fit for them.

I also love that when a clothing item is still in good condition, but no longer fit for multiple “borrows,” Mine for Nine donates the dress to organizations like Dress for Success. Nice work, Mine for Nine!

Expectant mamas: what other creative solutions do you use for your clothing challenges?


LizzLoves…franklybaby August 29, 2009

I have "one love" for this!

I have "one love" for this!

A few months ago, a friend I used to work with, Kwana Lamar-Reinoso, decided to launch her own business.  Her website,, is like a virtual specialty boutique for baby clothing and gifts. When I first visited the site, I instantly fell in love with the Bob Marley onesie (my baby nephew is a fan, so he will be getting one soon!).  As I clicked through the rest of the site,  I found that franklybaby had tons of unique and beautiful items: colorful, cuddly, and classy. Like Kwana says, “There are a lot of children’s boutiques out there but frankly baby offers a very edited selection of unique quality products that you can’t find everywhere else.  The hand-knit animals are one of a kind!”

Kwana is loving her her job, especially working for herself. While franklybaby just launched recently, this site has been about 2 years in the making. “It all started when I spotted a tiny Bob Marley onesie in the window of a small children’s boutique.  With over 12 years of sales experience I thought I’d put my expertise to good use and start a business of my own.  After tons of reading, research and trade shows, frankly baby was born. ”

Your hard work definitely paid off. Congrats, girl, the site and products are awesome! 🙂 Many wishes for continued success.

Readers:  Catch the last few days of this month’s  sale! As an added bonus, Kwana has shared the coupon code for the sale:  just type in DEARSUMMER for 20% off all orders for the month of August!