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LizzLoves Girl Rising October 15, 2013

Girl Rising t-shirt

I used to have a t-shirt collection. I had ones about music, Latino culture, and ones with random cool graphics or witty sayings. But, eventually, I realized that my drawers (and my budget) wouldn’t support the plethora of t-shirts that I had accumulated. So now, I try to resist buying too many shirts that I know I can only wear casually.

Today, though, I knew I had to make an exception. Girl Rising posted a picture on Facebook of actress Freida Pinto rocking this awesome t-shirt (pictured above). The message immediately spoke to me, so with a few quick clicks, I bought one on their online store. As a bonus for buying this stylish tee, part of the proceeds go to Girl Rising’s 10×10 Fund for Girls’ Education.

If Girl Rising is new to you, this organization believes that if you educate a girl, you can change the world. It defines itself as a:

“…grassroots global action campaign for girls’ education, powered by girls, women, boys and men around the world who stand for equality…Girl Rising partners with established nonprofit organizations that drive donations to programs that help girls get in school and stay in school.”

One of the most buzzed-about ways that they spread their message is through their film by the same name, “Girl Rising,” which makes their movement even more personal by telling the stories of nine girls from across the globe.  Check out the trailer here.

Unfortunately, I missed out on a chance to see this film in NYC last week. But, if anyone is interested, perhaps we can join forces and organize a screening of the film in the near future! In the meantime, I’m going to be proud and happy to spread the message of Girl Rising by wearing my t-shirt as often as possible!



LizzLoves USAID’s “Why Invest In Women” Infographic June 13, 2012

Why Invest in Women?With so many people in need across the globe, and you consider pitching in to effect change, you might often ask yourself,

  • Who needs the most help?
  • Where can I focus my efforts?
  • What community can benefit most from my contribution?

Well, there are many answers to that question, but USAID offers one answer by using an infographic to show you what kind of impact can be made when you invest in women. The infographic, called “Why Invest In Women?,” includes facts about infant mortality, education, HIV, agriculture and leadership in politics.

Click here for the full infographic, “Why Invest In Women?”


LizzLoves Women Money Power Summit April 8, 2011

The 3rd annual Women, Money, Power Summit kicked off this morning in Washington D.C. Sorry for the late notice, but I just found out! So DC locals, get your butts over there! And ladies with flexible schedules and a car, give it a go, because this galvanizing event is not to be missed!


Once you read the agenda, you may be driven by the diverse array of talks that will be featured on reproductive rights, anti-violence, gender equality, education or even politics. But you might also be inspired by what leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, Dolores Huerta and Shirin Ebadi have to say to bolster women leaders everywhere to keep fighting for their rights, for progress and for funding for programs that really effect change for women and youth.


I’m excited that such a powerful meeting of XX minds are coming together this weekend to make a difference. Sending good vibes to the women who are participating in the summit!


Tell me about which women’s issues you think lack funding and support. Share your thoughts in my comments section!


LizzLoves Natsuko Garcia October 6, 2010

I was perusing the WNYC Radio website yesterday when I came across their section “Know Your Neighbor” which featured the story of an amazing young Japanese woman in Brooklyn, NY named Natsuko Garcia. When Natsuko discovered that the children in her Japanese community in Bay Ridge didn’t have access to books in their native language, she decided to build that resource for them: in her one-bedroom apartment. Natsuko has opened her home-turned-library to little bookworms in her neighborhood. Watch the video for a tour of the homemade library and its pint-sized fans.

Thanks, Natsuko, for enriching our youth with culture and education!


LizzLoves…Hip-Hop Education October 12, 2009

conscious Women Rock the Page bookOnce again, I gotta give it up to my girl Black Artemis (aka Sofia Quintero). Of course, she’s my ‘mana, so maybe you can call me biased, but Sofia is a brilliant writer, artist, activist and business woman.

I’m particularly loving her latest endeavor as an educator. Sofia and her equally talented friends/artists have released a book–Conscious Women Rock the Page: Using Hip-Hop Fiction to Incite Social Change— that uses hip-hop in educational curriculum for young women. There are so many reasons to love this, whether it be for its creativity or its goal of reaching young minds by any means necessary, but my favorite part of this text is that it taps into the roots of hip-hop and why the genre came to be in the first place.

Back in the day, hip-hop was truly the voice of the streets. Artists spoke up for the disenfranchised or they vented their frustrations with the injustices that surrounded them. They tried to speak to the people to educate them and give them hope. While some artists are still doing this, a majority of rappers are more focused on dissing each other or flossing their material gains or sexual prowess to REALLY speak to people.  Maybe it’s just a trend and it will pass, but I miss those days.

So props and respect to Sofia and the crew who put their lovely heads together to come up with this idea. I can’t wait to add this book to my shelf…and share it with hermanitas and sistas looking to learn…

Read more about the book by clicking here.