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LizzLoves…Reverend Monroe February 26, 2010

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Reverend Irene Monroe

I was raised as a Catholic and in many ways, that spiritual upbringing was a blessing. But,  even as a child,  there was something that didn’t sit right with me about my Church: the lack of female leadership. As I got older, that became a really big deal to me. I truly believe that women can and do make amazing and powerful spiritual leaders. I often wonder if I would have become a priest if women were allowed to and allowed to get married (being a nun just wouldn’t have cut it for me!).

I was doing research for an article recently and I discovered this amazing woman, Reverend Irene Monroe. This beautiful  and intellectual sistah spreads love, insight and  spirituality. She’s brave enough to speak her mind.  I love that she  not only promotes gender equality, but gender identity/sexual orientation tolerance as well.  I find that rare in certain spiritual communities, so I’m really touched by her messages. And, plus, look at her–she’s GLOWING!

Quakers believe that each of us holds the light of God within us. This woman’s light is burning bright!

Thank you, Reverend! You are an inspiration to women everywhere!