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LizzLoves Mrs. Goundo’s Daughter February 9, 2011

Friends, set your DVRs or jump that train that will get you home in time to catch some programming that will move you. Tonight, PBS will be airing a powerful documentary “Mrs. Goundo’s Daughter” at 7pm (check your local listings).


The film, produced by Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater, follows a Malian woman’s fight for asylum in the U.S. through which she hopes to spare her two-year-old daughter from the violation and horrors of FGM (female genital mutilation).


FGM, also known as excision (and formerly referred to as female circumcision), is a deeply ingrained part of Mali’s culture and has been practiced for hundreds of years. However, FGM is now recognized by many, including the World Health Organization, as a human rights violation.


While the story is sad and disturbing, you will be inspired by the bravery of survivors of FGM and those who are speaking out against it in order to create real change.


Thank you, Attie and Goldwater, for bringing this story to the masses.