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LizzLoves…Hip-Hop Education October 12, 2009

conscious Women Rock the Page bookOnce again, I gotta give it up to my girl Black Artemis (aka Sofia Quintero). Of course, she’s my ‘mana, so maybe you can call me biased, but Sofia is a brilliant writer, artist, activist and business woman.

I’m particularly loving her latest endeavor as an educator. Sofia and her equally talented friends/artists have released a book–Conscious Women Rock the Page: Using Hip-Hop Fiction to Incite Social Change— that uses hip-hop in educational curriculum for young women. There are so many reasons to love this, whether it be for its creativity or its goal of reaching young minds by any means necessary, but my favorite part of this text is that it taps into the roots of hip-hop and why the genre came to be in the first place.

Back in the day, hip-hop was truly the voice of the streets. Artists spoke up for the disenfranchised or they vented their frustrations with the injustices that surrounded them. They tried to speak to the people to educate them and give them hope. While some artists are still doing this, a majority of rappers are more focused on dissing each other or flossing their material gains or sexual prowess to REALLY speak to people.  Maybe it’s just a trend and it will pass, but I miss those days.

So props and respect to Sofia and the crew who put their lovely heads together to come up with this idea. I can’t wait to add this book to my shelf…and share it with hermanitas and sistas looking to learn…

Read more about the book by clicking here.