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LizzLoves…Teachers! September 10, 2010

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I just got back from a wonderful beach getaway with my family at the Jersey shore. One afternoon, while we were waiting for pizza in a local spot, two young women excitedly approached my parents because they recognized them as their former teachers.

One girl, smiled really big and said to my mom, “You might not remember me, but I’ll never forget your Social Studies class. I’m studying to become a teacher now and it’s all because of you!”

My mom nearly cried because she was so touched. Both of my parents, now retired, taught for more than 40 years combined. I may be biased, but I can attest to them being amazing educators and leaders. I know this because students are constantly running up to them to hug and thank them.

So, in this back-to-school season, this is my little homage to teachers. The teaching profession is the most underpaid, underappreciated out there. They nurture, shape and elevate our youth. They deserve to be paid more than CEOs!

Thank you to all the teachers out there!