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LizzLoves Birchbox July 18, 2011

Among some of the many simple pleasures that make me smile are these two: 1) fun mail that isn’t a bill and 2) trying new beauty products for my face, hair and body. While the first one isn’t too hard to come by, the second one can become a little expensive. For example, I have long, curly hair and I’m always looking for the best treatments for my tresses, but “trying” a $15, 8 oz. bottle of a new mysterious product can get costly…especially when it doesn’t work!


So, when I read that two super savvy business women, Haley Barna and Katia Beaucham came up with an idea to solve my dilemma, needless to say, I was ecstatic. Last year, these twenty-something Harvard Business School grads launched Birchbox, an innovative mail-order service that sends customers samples of  various beauty products, from makeup to hand lotion. Through a monthly $10 subscription, customers get 4-5 samples from companies like Kiehl’s, Oribe, benefit and NARS, just to name a few. And when you discover a product you love, you can purchase it through Birchbox while also earning points toward future buys.


Congrats to Hayley and Katia, who were recently honored in Inc. Magazine’s “30 Under 30,” as a company to watch. Read their profile here.


I’m looking forward to trying out this service ASAP! My curly hair and eye-shadow-loving lids will thank me…and so will my wallet! 🙂


Which products are you dying to try that you wish came in samples? Tell me more in the comments section below! 


LizzLoves Bebo Organics June 27, 2011

The Ulloa Sisters


These days, it’s not only tree-hugging, compost-having parents that care about incorporating organic food into their children’s diets.  The population of parents who are reading labels and being more careful about what they put in little tummies is growing every day.


And now, thanks to a trio of Latina business women (who also happen to be sisters and super moms), organic baby food has not only become more accessible, but also even yummier!


Bébo Organics, the brainchild of the Ulloa sisters, is baby food that uses local, organic ingredients without preservatives or thickeners. They only use all natural meats, fruits and vegetables. Even the packaging is green: it’s reusable, recyclable, phthalate-free and BPA-free. Take a look at some of their comidas deliciosas here.


If you want to learn more about why organic foods might be a good choice for your niños, check out their super-thorough FAQ page.


Felicidades a las hermanas Ulloa…and gracias for caring about the health of babies everywhere!

What are some of your favorite ways to get vitamins & nutrients into your little ones? Share your tips in the comment section below!



LizzLoves Going Green April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

In the spirit of today’s celebration, I wanted to recognize two very cool women who are helping ladies everywhere to put their best green foot forward.

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff is the LA-based creator of two pro-green websites/blogs: Eco Stiletto and mommy greenest. Eco Stiletto covers all the latest eco-friendly and/or sustainable fashion, beauty and even highlights movers and shakers in the “saving the planet” business. ES’s mission is best said by Rachel, “to help shrink your carbon footprint from a ginormous boot into an oh-so-slender stiletto.” Love it!

Rachel’s other site, mommy greenest, was the result of her day-to-day green efforts with her own family (she is the mother of 3).  In her words, this  of blog “puts a voice—and a face—to the idea of gently persuasive, living-by-example, never judgmental, eco-friendly parenting.”

Michaela Preston, a work-from-home mom in Minnesota, fell in love with blogging back in 2006. Her blog, Mindful Momma, gives green parenting tips which include everything from eco-friendly crafts and DIY cleaning products to sustainable baby toys and healthy snack choices.

Thanks to both of these mom who are helping to protect Mother Earth!

What are your favorite sources for Earth-friendly advice?


LizzLoves Sheryl Sandberg’s TED talk April 20, 2011

Just a quick post that will speak for itself. This morning my girl-power friend Robyn shared an awesome TED talk with me. (If you’ve never checked out TED  in general, a powerful source for learning from influential people through video talks online, definitely check it out!)

Anyway, the TED talk I’m sharing below features Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. Sheryl gives an inspiring and eye-opening talk about why there aren’t more women at the top of their professions or in positions of leadership.

Watch the video of Sheryl Sandberg’s talk at TEDWomen here.

It’s 15 minutes long, but definitely worth it. I’m sure you will take something away from this talk, whether from the stats she shares or the useful advice she provides. Thanks, Sheryl!

After watching, tell me: what else do YOU think is holding women back?


LizzLoves Judith Jamison March 14, 2011

“People come to see beauty, and I dance to give it to them.”-Judith Jamison


Have you ever had the pleasure of witnessing the beauty of an Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater production? In a word: breathtaking.


I went to a show at BAM in Brooklyn a few years ago, and I can still remember the chills I got while I watched the dancers float across the stage. Their movement, synergy and passion came together to create a brand new color that doesn’t have a name in the existing spectrum.


Today I’m recognizing the company because I learned that its exquisitely talented Artistic Director for the past 22 years, Judith Jamison, will be stepping down this year.


Judith is not just a leader; not just a choreographer. She is a force, a legend, an inspiration. In the beginning of her career she was a powerful and evocative dancer. She trained with some of the biggest names in ballet, including Agnes de Mille. After some time with the American Ballet Theater, she joined the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater in 1965, where she became Alvin Ailey‘s muse. During her 15 year dance career with the company,  Mr. Ailey built several shows around her incredible talent.


Judith went on to have a very rich career in several platforms of dance, but where she may have had the most impact on audiences was when she was behind the scenes as the Artist Director at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, a role she took on in 1989, after Mr. Ailey’s untimely death. Building upon the founder’s model to incorporate several styles of dance—ballet, modern, jazz and African—Judith’s productions were (and are) a magical journey through dance history.


Judith’s career thus far has been an inspiration to dancers and choreographers everywhere, but particularly to women and people of color.


Thank you, Judith Jamison. Because of you, little brown girls in the tutus and toe shoes will always have strong role model in you and the dancers you have nurtured throughout your career. You are a beautiful face, voice and spirit of a community.


“So many people dwell on negativity and I’ve survived by ignoring it: it dims your light and it’s harder each time to turn the power up again.”—Judith Jamison


*Tell me about your Ailey dance experiences here in my comments section!*


LizzLoves Girl Develop It February 3, 2011

Did you know that women only make up nine percent of the people who are breaking into the technology development world? Why is that? I, for one, know several badass tech girls who have the savvy and know-how to change the game if they wanted to.

This must have been what Sara Chipps and Vanessa Hurst were thinking when the two tech divas created Girl Develop It, an organization that focuses on providing a safe and nurturing space for women to learn about web development (building websites). From basic HTML and CSS to Javascript and Ruby on Rails, Girl Develop It offers a rich variety of classes for ladies who strive to be code mavens.

So, if you are a chica who’s interested in diving into some coding and getting friendly with the building blocks of websites, go check out the girl-power tech movement, Girl Develop It!

*Read more about the innovative GDI crew who run things here.


LizzLoves ChickRx December 7, 2010

This past week I’ve gotten a flurry of news from several friends who are suffering from one of this season’s not-so-jolly offerings: a sniffly, sore-throat cold.


With so many girlfriends looking for some healing advice and health tips, a site I discovered came to mind: ChickRx, a new health website that is made just for the ladies.


ChickRx isn’t cold, inaccessible or frightening like some health/medical websites can be. Think of it more like WebMD-meets-Sex in the City-meets-your best girlfriend with whom you can share your best body gross-out stories.

Weighing in on sex, fitness, relationships, dermatology and health, this site tells it like it is with lots of fun attitude, but still providing useful information. They’ve enlisted a team of experts who can best address a variety of health questions from their readers.


Here’s a quick sampling of some of their articles: